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WHOLEMELTS “50/50’s” (2 Strains per 8th Jar) 16 Strains Total


Atomic Apple x Blueberry Muffinz
Rainbow Pie x Fanta Fizz
Orange Peel x Viper Cookies
Banana Smoothie x Lemon Punch
Frozen Grapes x 99 Octane
Mimosa MIntz x Sunset Zerbet
Pineapple Pez x Fuelato
Sour Melon x Zookies

3.5 grams per Jar

Earn up to 5,325 points.
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Introducing the Wholemelt 50/50’s, a fiery blend of two distinct live resin strains combined in a single jar to deliver an unparalleled experience. Each full box contains a half-pound of our premium product, neatly divided into 8 mini boxes. Within each mini box, you’ll find 8 jars, ensuring you have ample supply of this exquisite blend. Available for $1850, this offering is designed for connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle of quality and convenience.

Effects of Live Resin Sugar

The mental effects of live resin sugar are mild and mostly complement the satisfying physical high. This provides a more potent and flavorful experience. Below are the effects of whole melt live resin sugar:

-It helps with appetite and mood enhancement
-It helps with pains and nausea relief
-It helps in creativity and increases focus level
-It gives you a feeling of euphoria

The effects of whole melt are not limited to just one flavor but to all. Also, the high of each flavor can last for up to 6 hours, depending on your tolerance level.


3.5(1 Jar), 7(2 Jars), 14(4 Jars), 28(8 Jars/1 Box), 56(16 Jars/2 Boxes), 84(24 Jars/3 Boxes), 112(32 Jars/4 Boxes), 140(40 Jars/5 Boxes), 168(48 Jars/6 Boxes), 196(56 Jars/7 Boxes), 224(64 Jars/8 Boxes)


Atomic Apples x Blueberry Muffinz, Rainbow Pie x Fanta Fizz, Orange Peel x Viper Cookies, Banana Smoothies x Lemon Punch, Frozen Grapes x 99 Octane, Mimosa Mintz x Sunset Zerbet, Pineapple Pez x Fuelato, Sour Melon x Zookies


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