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Acai Berry Gelato (Super Exotic) Bags included!

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Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Super Exotic

Comes with Custom made bags!

We always ship our flower in containers, so the bags will just be sent with it. Please let us know if you’d like a specific amount of bags with your order

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Acai Berry Gelato is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet; it’s a gorgeous, deep purple plant dripping with trichomes. The effects of Acai Berry Gelato are believed to be energetic and focusing. Reviewers on Leafly say Acai Berry Gelato makes them feel happy, talkative, and uplifted. Acai Berry Gelato has as much as 32% THC. The dominant terpene is limonene, with a nose that is earthy, tropical citrus, and flavors of sweet cream and berries. Medical marijuana patients say they often buy this strain during episodes of ADHD. The original breeder of Acai Berry Gelato is Sherbinski


1, 3.5, 7, 14, 28, 56, 112, 224, 448

1 review for Acai Berry Gelato (Super Exotic) Bags included!

  1. Bruce1911 (verified owner)

    I just got some of this and was really impressed. Smooth and great high. Worth the price and a noticeable difference between the super exciting and the mids. I was actually pleasantly surprised! Also amazing customer service!

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