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Artisan Canna 2 Half Gram Joints

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Jungle Juice
Total THC- 22.3%
Total Cannabinoids- 22.88%
Bred by Golden State Genetics, Jungle Juice is a hybrid strain that crosses Animal Cookies and their in-house Tangie male. Balancing sweet and sour citrus flavors, this strain offers a flavorful release from stress, sleeplessness, and pain.

Tsunami OG
Total THC- 21.29%
Total Cannabinoids- 24.33%
Tsunami OG is a hybrid strain , this strain’s only known parent is Tsunami. It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief.

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Designed for the ‘on the go’ connoisseur with a true passion for quality and flavor. Each batch of select smokes has been specifically selected for their mouth-watering flavors.

Packaged in a two pack of half-gram pre-rolls. The perfect smoke for a quick solo fix on-the-go, with an intense flavor that will have you craving another and another.

1 review for Artisan Canna 2 Half Gram Joints

  1. Woodrobrasi

    These were awesome surprises by a half g

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