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Boss Botanical Shroom Capsuls Fully Customizable

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Earn up to 1,380 points.

We’ve finally made our own brand of Psilocybin Capsules!

Pick any strain of Mushrooms/Truffles that we have available.

Pick any total amount that we should use for the capsules

Then let us know how many milligrams you’d like in each capsule;)

Great for Micro-dosing, and avoiding the awful taste of Mushrooms.

Please use responsibly. Psilocybin is a very powerful substance. Only use in a safe enclosed environment with people you trust. Psilocybin has an enormous amount of benefits, and can help with PTSD, Depression, Creativity, and Mental Health.


Albino Penis Envy(Black Cap), Albino Penis Envy(White Cap), Enigma Magic Truffles


3500mg, 5000mg, 10,000mg, 20,000mg, 30,000mg, 40,000mg, 50,000mg

1 review for Boss Botanical Shroom Capsuls Fully Customizable

  1. Jess Rudow

    Yes Yes Yes! These are totally customizable so you can’t go wrong. Penis envy was the way I went the first time, with an mg of 220 for my micro dose of choice. Thinking the truffle next but with the same 220mg due to the potency of the truffles! Thanks you again Boss Botanical

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