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Brand Name Edibles (600mg-1000mg) Restocked!

(4 customer reviews)

Each package of edibles is made with Premium Cannabis Distillate, by BAREWOODS.

Made in California

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Your favorite brands of candy are now available as Cannabis edibles! With strengths from 600mg to 1000mg, these edibles will definitely lift up your day. Just make sure not to eat too many!

We recommend eating a small amount(normally a single piece or brake off a small portion). Then, wait at least 2 hours before knowing how they affect you.

Edibles are great, but it can be VERY easy to eat too much. due to how edibles are absorbed in the body. They can take up to 2 hours to take effect. Please use caution and good judgment while consuming ANY Cannabis products. Never drive or use heavy machinery while using Cannabis.

Edibles are best for people who can’t/don’t smoke. They are known to cause drowsiness, increase appetite, dull pain, and help with sleep. If you’d like more information or guidance while using this product, please contact us directly


Now & Laters(1000mg), Fruit by the Foot(600mg), Trolli Apple O's(600mg), Errlli(Trolli) Twisted Crawlers(600mg), Twizzlers Minis(600mg), Any brand in this photo(specify in order notes)

4 reviews for Brand Name Edibles (600mg-1000mg) Restocked!

  1. Paul Ciccolo

    Strong af and there is no overpowering bud taste it’s the perfect mix

  2. Woodrobrasi

    Loved them

  3. Leigh Middleton

    Taste like the regular ones! The peach rings were my favorite!

  4. TayTay (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the quality of these products ! I have tried most of them and they are scary good!! 😬

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