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BUSSDOWN Infused Cannabis (New Strains In!)

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Flower- Tropicana Cookies

Live Resin – Sherb(aka Super Sherb)

Total THC- 47.33%

Total Cannabinoids- 48.68%.
Flower- Pink Rozay

Live resin- Rainbow Sherbert

Total THC- 47.33%

Total CBD – 0.14%

Total Cannabinoids- 48.68%

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Each Jar of BUSSDOWN contains 3.5 grams of Top Shelf/Exotic Cannabis Flower, that has been infused with Live Resin Diamonds(aka THC-A).

This new product is currently making waves all around California, and is quickly becoming the most popular go-to option for experienced cannabis consumers.

This incredible combination gives users strong and immediate effects that will satisfy even the most veteran cannabis consumers.

We came across this product while we were in Los Angeles, and knew that you guys would fall in love with this product. Bussdown infused cannabis is perfect for those of you who only want the most potent strains, or those of you who love concentrates. This product is the perfect item for customers who need fast acting pain relief, and prefer to feel effects within only a few hits.

This product is ONLY for experienced users. With a THC strength of 47.33%, and a total cannabinoid percentage of 48.68%. This “FULL SPECTRUM” product gives patients all the benefits cannabis has to offer, with an extra kick of one of the strongest concentrates on the market.

You won’t find this product being sold anywhere else on the East Coast! We will continue to bring you the best products that California has to offer, without having to leave the comfort of your home 😉

# of Jars

1 (3.5 grams), 2 (7 Grams), 4 (14 Grams), 8 (28 Grams), 16 (56 Grams), 32 (112 Grams)


Tropicana Cookies x Sherb, Pink Rosay × Rainboy Sherbert

2 reviews for BUSSDOWN Infused Cannabis (New Strains In!)

  1. Paul Ciccolo

    Absolutely 🔥 ⛽ but im not going to lie for half a second when I first dumped it all out I thought it looked like white dog poop hahaa slow burning long lasting quick acting ……not for rookies

  2. Woodrobrasi

    Hands down some of the best flower iv ever had the buzz is immediate I’m definitely gonna be getting more

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