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Choices Twin Pack 2 Half Gram Carts

Choices Twin Packs come with 2 half gram carts!

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Choices carts are premium thc vape cartridges from Choiceslabs, with pure delta 9 distillates, full ceramic cartridges, no metals or other impurities, residual solvents, and consistent quality. They come in full gram choices carts (1g choices carts) and twin pack half gram choices carts (0.5g choices carts), sealed, with a scannable barcode for authentication. No pesticides, bleaches, or clays were used in the production of this product, which was created entirely from absolute pure delta 9 distillate. We are really enthusiastic about our products; we put our hearts and souls into them, and we believe that the customer should always come first. Organic terpenes are used in our products, and PG and other harsh chemicals are never used.


Watermelon(Indica) + Purple Punch(Indica), King Louie(Indica) + Juicy Fruit(Hybrid), GORILLA GLUE(Hybrid) + Blue Cookies(Indica)


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