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ChoicesLab Ceramic Carts 1 gram- Mixed Berries/Kiwi

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1000mg/1gram Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Strain- Mixed Berry/Kiwi (Indica)

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Choice carts solvent-free vaporizers and concentrates revolutionizing the way of using marijuana. Inspired by contemporary, simplistic, luxurious design, committed to potency, purity, and safety

Mixed berries choicelab carts 85 present potency, and are some of the top THC carts that we have
come across yet.
All choices vape carts come packed with the top 97 percent trile distilled California THC and all natural plant derived terpenes for a powerful and fresh taste. We include No MCT oil or pesticides or any other substances to our organic terpenes.
This is a natural plant based substance that will provide each carts THC its taste and smell. No glycol, no polyethylene, No Glycerin.


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