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This Super Exotic strain is a cross between Grape Gelato, and Berry Gelato. This Indica Dominant cannabis strain is some of the highest quality flower on the market.

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Berry Gelato, also called “Blueberry Gelato,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Blueberry. This strain is potent and produces psychedelic effects that are clear-headed and functional. In large doses, Berry Gelato will relax your muscles and convince your body it’s time to chill. This strain features aromatic fruity flavors with earthy undertones. The high THC content of Berry Gelato (21% THC) makes it an ideal strain for experienced cannabis consumers. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Growers say Berry Gelato has light to dark green foliage with thick orange hairs. This strain was originally bred by Emerald Family Farms.

Grape Gelato is an Indica dominant Hybrid cross of the Grape Kush and Gelato 33 strains. Bread purposefully to deliver a fruity and potent flower, the bud emits a strong aroma of ripe berries and sweet grapes. Enjoy these juicy and tight-looking flowers with dark purple calyxes and frosted trichomes as an afternoon treat for the head. Full-bodied and fruity with a flavor that lingers on your palate, Grape Gelato’s effects are strong and heavy. A quick heads up for the average consumer … this is a heavily sedating strain


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