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Muha Meds 1g Disposable_Blue Razz_Indica

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Enjoy our liquid Live Resin on-the-go with our full-spectrum concentrate vape. Inside you’ll find our ultra-potent strain specific diamond extract, melted and refined into our vape friendly engineered formula. Full-spectrum. No solvents. Take your diamonds with you wherever you go.

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As nostalgic of a novelty flavor as you’ll find, Blue Raspberry continues to live up to its fruity hype with myrcene terpenes giving it a sweet berry taste and skunky aroma. This strain isn’t just for the nostalgic, as it has pain-relieving and relaxing properties to put your mind and body at ease.

Strain: Blue Razz

Blue Razz traces its origins to an unknown American breeder. While little information exists about its parent plants, Blue Razz is commonly enjoyed in vapes as an Indica-leaning hybrid.

Consumers report this strain features a sweet berry taste and skunky aroma, while others cite its pain-relieving and relaxing properties.

Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 cm


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