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PERSY Premium Cannabis (Infused Pre-Rolls) 5 Half Gram Joints/Jar

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Shirly Temple(Hybrid)
Strawberry Shortcake(Indica)
Apples and Bananas(Hybrid)

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The Persy Pre rolls are, unsurprisingly, Small. But pack the punch of full blunt! Each pack contains 5 small pre-rolls packed to the brim with 0.5g of top-shelf flower that is infused with Liquid Diamonds, then rolled in keif for a mind-blowing extra punch. Watch out for these little guys. Size can be deceiving!

You will learn that the strong effects, flavorful terps, and unmatched quality are unique qualities of Persy.

Higher THC Levels: Infused pre-rolls contain over 40% THC. So it’s recommended that unexperienced cannabis consumers not finish a full joint individually. Be smart. Take 2-3 hits. put it out. wait 15 minutes to see how much it affects you. Then, use your best judgment on if you’d like to finish it or not.

Smoke these in a safe setting, and do not use or operate machinery while partaking in cannabis.


Shirly Temple(Hybrid), Slurricane(Indica), Strawberry Shortcake(Indica), Apples and Bananas(Hybrid), Bubblegum(Indica)


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