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S35 Shroom Tea (2g, 7.5g, 10g) Price Drop!

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Mango DragonFruit(2g, 2000mg total)

Every sip of tea is bursting with tropical goodness thanks to real mango pieces and sweet dragon fruit. It’s the perfect way to start your day, especially if coffee makes you jittery. Enjoy a warm cup to perfect your morning routine



Strawberry Lemonade(7.5g, 7500mg total)

It’s a delicious blend of real strawberry pieces, tart lemon, and high-quality tea leaves. The sweet and tangy flavor will awaken your senses, while each sip will revitalize you and eliminate any feelings of sluggishness



Floral Peaches(10g, 10,000mg total)
With every sip, you’ll feel yourself getting closer to paradise. It could be the juicy bits of peach and heavenly aromas, or perhaps it’s the hefty 2 grams of mushrooms in each serving. Just make sure your seat belt is securely fastened before blasting off!

*2000MG/ PIECE



Mango DragonFruit(2g), Strawberry Lemonade(7.5g), Floral Peaches(10g)

1 review for S35 Shroom Tea (2g, 7.5g, 10g) Price Drop!

  1. Elliot (verified owner)

    Was really excited for these! Unfortunately, they were not very potent. I got the Strawberry Lemonade 7.5G bag, one tea bag didn’t seem to do much beyond a subtle feeling. Today I tried 4 bags in 8oz of water and split it between me and my girlfriend, weirdly enough we both felt the same way we felt when we used just 1 tea bag in 8oz of water. The taste of the tea itself is good, combines well with lemonade. This would be really nice for someone who likes to microdose but I wouldn’t recommend it if you want a more intense experience.

    • bostonbotanical

      hey! so I know Exactly the issue your having. if you just steep a couple bags with Plain water. you won’t be able to get the full potency extracted from the bags(im also not sure how long you steeped them for).. Plus, you realistically should be taking atleast 3.5-4 grams if your looking to have any strong effects. so 1 tea bag out of 10, would only be 750mg, which is definitely a microdose. Even having 4 would only be 3000mg total. but since they’re just being steeped in water, that still wouldn’t be enough to get visuals.

      what you want to do to increase potency while having tea is to soak the teabag in lemon juice first, for atleast 45 mins. then add water that’s just below boiling temperature and wait another 30 mins, while occasionally stirring about every 5-10 mins. THEN you should consume it all within a small time frame(under 10 minutes). so if you did 5-6 bags at once using this method. you would of most certainly had a much stronger experience. this is true when making any kind of mushroom teas. not your fault though! these bags are sold as a “microdose” product(wink wink;), so they don’t directly advise the method mentioned above.

      the best way to consume mushrooms is via the lemon tek method(basaclly what I described above). Since that’s kind of on us for not giving you that advice at the time, I’ll be giving you some free mushrooms to try this method, so you can see the difference yourself;)

    • bostonbotanical

      oh! and I just realized that you SPLIT 4 bags with your girlfriend. yahhh that’s just 1500mg. that’s also considered a microdose! all good though. Next time, if your unsure about the proper dosage or would like any advice. just send us an email:)

      if you ever got this product again, I would recommend Splitting the WHOLE bag. That would be the perfect amount for 2 people to Trip.

      and to all customers reading this- here’s our recommended dosing guide for penis envy mushrooms(the ones most widely used)

      Recommended Dosage
      300-1000mg = Micro-dose

      2100-2400mg= Mild Visuals

      3000mg-3600mg = Full Experience

      4000mg+= SUPERDOSE (Not recommended unless experienced


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