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SAUCE BARS 1G Live Resin Disposable Vapes



Aloha Express is a sativa strain that leaves users with an upbeat, energetic buzz that may also be helpful in treating pain such as migraines. Aloha Express aromas are that of grass and citrus that brings a fresh experience similar to an island getaway. Its sativa effects can be a little much for some users, so those who are looking for less mental stimulation should be wary.


Taste: Fresh Apple, Mango, Pine & Cedar

Feel: Energetic, Happy, Laughs

Strain: Trainwreck x Hawaiian

White Widow

Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica, White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity.


Taste: Hashy, Pine, Flower

Feel: Energetic, Happy, Euphoric

Strain: Brazilian Landrace x South Indian Indica

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Sauce Essentials
Sauce Essentials focuses on bringing high quality cannabis products to consumers that are both affordable and convenient. With its latest launch, The Sauce Bar, Sauce Essentials is changing the game with a full gram disposable vape infused with live resin that retails for $45(we sell them for $38!)

1000mg Disposable Vapes
These unique Sauce Bars come in 10 incredible flavors that offer a wide range of effects from energizing sativas to relaxing indicas. No matter which you choose, Sauce Essentials delivers complete satisfaction. Sauce Essentials’ motto is, “by the earth, for the people,” but they do a lot for the earth as well



Aloha Express(Sativa, White Widow(Hybrid)


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