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TKO Chocolates 315mg/Each (Top Rated Edible!)

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Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Oreo
Birthday Cake
Milk Chocolate Pretzel
Cookies & Cream
Cocoa Krispies
Cap’n Crunch Berry
Chocolate Dipped Churro

TKO edibles present a slam packed THC infused Chocolate Bar. Each Square is conveniently portion-sized for dosing. Small, easy, discreet and tasty, Each bar Comes in a variety of delicious flavors with 315 mg in each package.

Earn up to 39 points.

TKO’s Milk Chocolate Toffee bars are a decadent way to enjoy an edible with the classic combo of crunchy toffee pieces and creamy milk chocolate. These bars can be divided into nine squares for those requiring a gradual dosing of this 315mg THC infused cannabis treat.


Weight 315 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm

Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Oreo, Birthday Cake, Milk Chocolate Pretzel , Cookies & Cream, Cocoa Krispies, Cap'n Crunch Berry, Chocolate Dipped Churro


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