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TOP OVER Live Resin Diamond 2g Disposable

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TOP OVER Live Resin/Liquid Diamonds disposable vape.
Each vape contains 2000mg of extract, and is fully rechargeable.
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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

TOP OVER is a brand new company, that has been shaking up the Disposable Market. With a unique design, that not only makes them stand out. But also allows more airflow, and a larger/longer lasting battery.

Unlike most other vapes, TOP OVER only uses Live Resin/ Liquid Diamonds, instead of Distillate.
Diamonds aren’t often available on menus, but every so often they make their way into the spotlight. HTE Liquid Diamonds are living proof (HTE = High Terpene Extract).
They’re one of the most anticipated products of the live resin cartridge/disposable market. So Rich in flavor and terpenes that comparing them to any other would be a disservice. These Vapes are cut from a class all their own – one you simply can’t afford not to enjoy.


Quest, Berry Kush, 3 Kings OG

1 review for TOP OVER Live Resin Diamond 2g Disposable

  1. Paul Ciccolo (verified owner)

    My only (stupid) complaint was just the shape of the disposable wasn’t expecting a circle haha

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