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ZABA Ice Caps (16 Strains!)

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Sour Apple
Peanut Butter Skittlez
Lemon Cherry Bonkerz
Italian Ice

Frozen Zoap
Secret H
Mango Sherbet
Candied Cherry
Blue Berryz
Brain Candy
Blue Bonkerz

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Our Ice Caps are hand-made to ensure the highest quality product. They are made with:

Exotic Flower
Cat 3 Distillate
Live Resin
Pure THCA Isolate
We use our highest-quality Flower, then coat each bud fully in THCA POWDER. Next, we cover the flower fully with liquid live resin. The flower is then coated in pure THC ISOLATE to further increase the Cannabinoid experience. The finished product is a highly concentrated Cannabis product filled with the highest levels of Cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid Highlights:

Total Cannabinoids: 76.26%

THC 53.30%%

CBG: 8.61%

Look: Ice Caps look like they come straight from Antarctica. At first glance, the bright white THCA Isolate that coats the outside is lively and vibrant. Breaking open an Ice Cap exposes a powerful blend of Exotic Flower that is completely drenched in Live Resin. The bud and sappy and sticky, and the amount of Isolate on the outside leaves a white powdery trail wherever it touches.

Smell: Similar to our other concentrates, Ice Caps are overflowing with terpenes that produce a strong, pungent smell. The mix of flower and live resin produces an initial smell that is aromatic and earthy, with pine and spice. Think of the Ice Caps as a mix between diesel and a hint of berry.

Taste: Most of the noticeable flavors come from the terpenes in the Exotic Flower, Distillate, and Live Resin. THCA isolate provides pure goodness but does not have a strong flavor. After one hit, your mouth will be tasting an extension of the smell. A mildly sweet blend mixed with an earthy diesel flavor. The result is a clean after taste as you quickly teleport to snow land.


MOCHI, Sour Apple, NERDZ, Peanut Butter Skittlez, Gushers, Skittlez, Lemon Cherry Bonkerz, Italian Ice, Frozen Zoap, Secret H, Biscotti, Mango Sherbet, Candied Cherry, Blue Berryz, Brain Candy, Blue Bonkerz


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