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10/10 Premium Vape 1000mg Disposable Restocked!!

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Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $45.00.

1000mg Disposable Vapes

*Fully charged

*Rechargeable via Fast Charger(USB-C)

*Triple Distillate Distillate(over 97% THC)

*Part of our Highest Recommended products collection

Earn up to 135 points.

This product is made by one of our Favorite Suppliers!

10/10 Boyz is a company based out of Los Angeles. They’re an up and coming company, that specializes in only the BEST cannabis flower, and Cannabis Products.

They’re Disposable Vape, is one of the best made devices we’ve come across. they’re fast charging, last a long time, and use triple distilled Cannabis Oil.

These vapes cost alittle more than our other brands, but we can guarantee that it’s worth it!

*This vape is part of our Most Recommended collection


Mango Haze(Hybrid), Blu Gelato(Indica), Glueberry(Hybrid), Pineapple ZaZa(Hybrid), Sherbalato(Hybrid), Raspberry Parfait(Hybrid)

1 review for 10/10 Premium Vape 1000mg Disposable Restocked!!

  1. Slowride6 (verified owner)

    The 10/10: Blu Gelato (indica) and Pineapple Zaza (hybrid) have proved to be excellent vape choices for us. They are consistently hitting and not prone to clogging. These disposables are our new fave for flavor and potency!

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