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APE Pre-Rolled Blunts 2.2G

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Each Blunt has 2.2 grams of some of the strongest strains available(28%-37% THC)

Professionally rolled using a 100% Hemp Blunt Wrap, and an added Glass mouthpiece, for perfect hits.

Fully Scannable for lab test results

Earn up to 105 points.

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Alien OG: is strong hybrid(Indica Dominant) marijuana strain. The strain is also called Alien OG Kush because of its parents. APE Blunt Hybrid Alien OG is descended from the Alien Kush and Tahoe OG phenotypes. When smoking Alien OG, olfactory and taste buds understand why this strain belongs to the OG family. It is typical coniferous-earthy aroma with a distinct aftertaste of citrus like lemon or lime. The effect from Alien OG will not be long in coming. It excites the body and speeds up thoughts. Then comes a powerful relaxation of muscles. Beginners should try Alien OG in small portions.
Hi-Octane: is a hybrid(Indica Dominant). When creating this hybrid, strains such as Octane and Sunset Sherbert were used. This variety is well suited for the evening. Time to relax and get ready for bed. It is this effect that Hi-Octane gives – calmness and relaxation of the body. Its taste is described as a mild grassy taste with a creamy floral finish.
Marshmallow OG: refers to a hybrid( Indica Dominant)weed strain.Users who smoked Marshmallow OG noted a sweet and fruity taste, some felt vanilla notes. It’s believed that the parents of this strain were OG Kush and unknown cannabis strains that are classified as members of the Bubble Gum family. Marshmallow OG goes good in the evening or before bed. Marshmallow cannabis strain’s high starts with a happy state of being, followed by feelings of sleepiness, relaxation of the body, and increased appetite.


Alien OG, High Octane, Marshmallow OG


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