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CHARGE PLUS+_2G Charge Bar_2-in-1 Vape

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Animal Mintz / Cereal Milk
Banana Runtz / Orange Cream Soda
Blueberry Ice / Gummies
Cherry Lime / Sundae Driver
Citrus Slushy / Electric Apple Georgia Pie / Watermelon Skittles
Girl Scout Cookies / Passion Fruit Lightning Lemon / Shirley Temple
Papaya/Mango Ice
Tangie Sunrise / Rainbow Sherbet

Earn up to 135 points.

Our Most Requested Product is FINALLY Here!

Charge+ Chargebars are two 1G vapes in one. You can choose to either smoke each strain separately or BOTH at the same time!

Truly a Vape like no others we’ve seen.

Made With Premium Distillate


Sunday Driver(H) + Cherry Lime(S), Citrus Slushy(S) + Electric Apple(S), Lightning Lemon(S) + Shirley Temple(H), Passion Fruit(S) + Girlscout Cookies(H), Cereal Milk(H) + Animal Mintz(H), Gummie(S) + Blueberry Ice(I), Papaya(I) + Mango Ice(H), Tangie Sunrise(S) + Rainbow Sherbet(H), Georgia Pie(I) + Watermelon Skittles(I), Banana Runtz(H) + Orange Cream Soda(H), Kiwi Berry(H) + Frozen Grapes(H), Vanilla Chai(S) + Berry Blast(S), Mango Ice(H) + Fruit Frusion(I), Melonade(S) + Do-Si-Do(S), Peach Ringz(I) + Blue Zlushie(S), White Fire OG(H) + Gelato Cake(H), Tutti Fruity(H) + Gushers(H)


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