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Baked Bars 2g Disposables Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds

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(Live Resin and Liquid THCA Diamonds)


Grapple Glue(Indica)
Watermelon Gushers (Hybrid)
Wedding Cake(Sativa)
Blackberry Kush(indica)
Maui Mai Thai(Indica)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Baked bars have many other advantages over traditional cannabis disposable vapes . They’re portable and easy to use. They are also made of premium cannabis strains and are perfect for medical and recreational use. These vapes are made from high-quality cannabis oil extracted by skilled workers from the best strains in the state. While the federal government has not legalized marijuana, some states have made baked bars available. Check the label or QR code for authentication.


Grapple Glue(Indica), Watermelon Gushers(Hybrid), Wedding Cake(Sativa), Blackberry Kush(indica), Maui Mai Thai(Indica)

1 review for Baked Bars 2g Disposables Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds

  1. Paul Ciccolo

    Long lasting and taste exactly like mangos good clean high and very relaxing

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