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CAKE 1g Carts

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Super Jack(Sativa)

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Cake vape carts contain high-quality Cannabis extract with all-natural flavors derived from terpenes. Lab tested 3rd party results prove the purity and safety of these carts. In addition, all products are manufactured in an ISO7 cleanroom ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Each Cart is fully scanable for lab results


Super Jack, Bubba Kush, Blueberry, Extreme Dream(Sativa), Green Crack(Sativa), Wizard Smoke(Indica)

1 review for CAKE 1g Carts

  1. Sierra Gill (verified owner)


    I get them every order, honestly.
    The inner glass coil is so smooth, I barely cough in comparison to the standard style carts. I’ll accidentally get carried away sipping on it because its just so nice and clean, next thing I know, I’m scorched, and I do NOT have a weak tolerance. It’ll sneak up on you for sure due to the lack of harshness expected from carts, but believe me it is deceptive.

    As for the concentrate: Nice, smooth, mild tasty flavors!!! The Bubba Kush can and will knock you out, and the Super Jack is a nice mood lifter that had me up and wanting to do something.

    The carts themselves hold up better than you’d think too with it being so much glass – fairly frigging durable! I’ve broken one, and it was after multiple drops in a row on a stone floor so… user error.

    These lil guys are genuinely my favorite. 10/10. Try them if you’re feeling like your lungs or throat need a rest!!!

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