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Gold Coast Clear 1g Premium Carts

Each Cart contains Premium Cat-3-Distillate infused with Live Resin

Strain Options-

Strawberries & Later(IndicaDominantHybrid)
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Strawberries & Later(Indica Dominant Hybrid)
This strain is a cross of strawberry and cookies and cream. A very well Balanced Indica/hybrid, this strain produces strawberry flavors that will leave you asking for more. This also has combination of Now and later strain. It gets its name by variety of Zkittlez. With this combo you’ll get a slow creep instead of it hitting you right away. Some say it helps relieve chronic pain and fatigue leaving you relax after a long day on your
Nerdz (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
Nerds, also known as “Nerdz,” “Blue Nerds,” “Pink Nerds,” “Nerds OG,” “Nerdz OG,” and “Blue Nerdz” is a balanced Indica/hybrid weed strain made by crossing Strawberry Cough with Grape Ape. The effects of Nerds are euphoric and cerebral. Nerds has a reputation for stimulating creativity. This strain features a grape forward flavor profile with undertones of sweet and fruity strawberry. Nerds was originally bred by Oregon Microgrowers Guild.


Strawberries & Later(IndicaDominantHybrid), Nerdz(IndicaDominantHybrid)


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