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S35 Shroom Chocolates (5000mg) Restocked!

We’ve teamed up with schedule 35 to bring you their great selection of shroom chocolates. You won’t find them cheaper anywhere else;)

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We buy their products in bulk and pass those savings on to you! This allows us to sell these products cheaper than buying direct

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Crunch Mocha Chocolate(5g)
5 grams of shrooms never tasted this good. Brace your tastebuds for an avalanche of flavour you won’t want to run from. Crunchy mocha and oreo cookie bits smothered in creamy milk chocolate will leave your heart full and your dentist judging you.
Raspberry DARK Chocolate(5g)
It’s a bittersweet symphony of irresistible flavors. Made with real raspberry pieces and 100% organic cocoa, this perfect combination of sweet and tart will make you rethink the importance of having balance in your life. Gluten-free and vegans will love it
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch(5g)
No more raw shrooms in between a Nutella sandwich to mask the funky taste. You’re better than this now. This dynamic duo of crunchy, roasted hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate is a mouth-watering way to launch yourself into outer space.


Crunchy Mocha Chocolate, Raspberry DARK Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch


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